First Time Flyer: Tips & tricks

Flying can be so stressful, ask anyone who flies frequently, especially if they are flying for work. But for me nothing is more stressful than when I am in a situation I’ve never been in before and I don’t know what to expect. Combine that anxiety with flying and you’re setting yourself up for a righteous internal meltdown. For that reason I’ve decided to compose a list of my personal favorite tips and tricks for flying for the first time. Now if you are a long time flyer and are well versed, this might not be the article for you. Some of the points are fairly basic, however, I want to be thorough and what may be a no brainer for the pros is something a newbie might not think of! Hope this lists helps and safe travels!

1. Bring an empty water bottle…

…and refill it once you’re through security, this will keep you hydrated and keep your body awake and alert. You can even refill it with the free water on the plane offered during the inflight services. Even if you choose not to use your water bottle to drink from you can always use it to store important documents in an accessible place, get creative! They are great to have no matter where you are!

2. Make sure to keep snacking…

… to keep your blood sugar up while flying and to prevent inflight munchies(not only is eating on a plane expensive, but also can cause bloating and an all around uncomfortable feeling, best to avoid for shorter flights). HOWEVER, buying snacks at the airport is terrible. They are overpriced and generic. I get it, sometimes you have no choice, how do you think I know how overpriced they are? I’ve done it plenty and I know I’m probably going to have to do it again because I am TERRIBLE at planning ahead, do better than me, bring your own snacks. Just check with TSA on what you can bring through security with you to snack on, ps. it’s more than you would think! And check out these blog posts for more inspiration!

What you wish your inflight food looked like…

3. You don’t need as much entertainment as you think…

…Trust me, you aren’t going to do that homework or get that presentation reviewed. Once you get on the plane you will be stuck in between two people you don’t know and will want to take up as little space as possible. Bring a book or just download some movies on your Netflix, Netflix is your best friend on these flights. Just plug your headphones in and you’re good to go!

4. Wear thin layers and comfy shoes…

…Essentially, you want security friendly clothing, which is going to be shoes that slip on and off easily, preferable ones you can wear with socks like athletic shoes. As well as something that will be comfortable to sit in on the plane for hours. My go to is leggings, a t-shirt, and a jacket or sweatshirt over that. This allows me to stay warm on cold flights, or I can strip the jacket on warm flights. I prefer leggings because it eliminates the chance that I will have stuff in my pockets when I go through security.

This picture is from Garden of the Gods in Colorado BUT it’s also EXACTLY what I wore on the plane there and back.

5. Download the airline app..

…this is probably my most valuable tip, in my opinion. My personal airline of choice is American Airlines so this is the app I use most frequently. And I freaking love it. From the app I can see the status of my flight, change/choose my seat (on certain flights), I can even download free movies to watch in flight WITHOUT having to pay for wifi (bc no thank you!). But my absolute favorite part of the app is the ability to pull up my boarding pass right on the app to scan as a QR code, it can even be put in my Apple Wallet and accessed on my Apple watch. Trust me, this makes the whole process so much easier! One less thing I have to keep up with, and it means no digging around to find my boarding pass when boarding, its already on my phone! Which lets be honest, is always in my hand anyway! Most major airlines have an app of their own and it is definitely worth it to look into!

“Everywhere you go, the culture is different, but the people are the same”

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