7 Books to Prepare you for Spooky Season 👻

For all my fellow readers out there now that it’s spooky season I am in the mood to be scared on all levels. I enjoy a good scary movie as much as the next gal, but there is just something extra eerie about being scared from a book. So here are some of my favourite scary books. Some are horror, some are more thriller, but they should all leave you ready for the scariest time of the year.

It- Stephen King

I’m sure you all expected this one since Chapter 2 is coming out this Fall but for real guys this is an amazing book. If you at all love horror or Stephen King you need to read this one. I was actually so creeped out that I had to set the book down at times and watch some 99 to calm down. 😂 I won’t include a synopsis since this is more mainstream and if you don’t know what it’s about by now then you can find out somewhere else haha. I’ll just say, if you thought the movie was good, you NEED to read the book.

The Girl on The Train- Paula Hawkins

This is more of a Thriller. It’s about a girl who has to take the train past her old house everyday on her way to work. The thing is her ex-husband, his new wife (who he found through cheating on her) and their baby still live there. Now that is a nightmare enough in itself for any woman, but when the neighbour turns up missing and she becomes a prime suspect she becomes more entangled in the lives of her past than ever expected.

This thriller also became a movie starring the ever talented Emily Blunt. I haven’t seen the movie myself but since reading the book I have decided I need to see the movie!

The 100 trilogy- Kass Morgan

This is another crazy thriller and is maybe more situated for those who aren’t a fan of horror or being scared. I have already written a brief synopsis on the book turned TV show, in another post 9 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Books First so if you want to learn more about the plot try checking that out!

I will say it has more post-apocalyptic vibes as the 100 adolescents struggle to reinhabit the earth, and form some sort of a society all on their own. It’s got suspense, it’s got mystery, it’s got romance, it’s got SPACE. It’s got all the makings of a perfect sci-fi book. (Jk, Jk don’t come for me).

The Flight Attendant- Chris Bohjalian

Okay so this is one that I actually just picked up randomly at Kroger and decided to read it and oh.my.god. It was so good! Good enough to be a last minute addition to our list. The plot follows a veteran flight attendant, who wake up next to a mysterious dead man in Dubai. Who is this man? Where is she? Why is he dead? and most importantly, did she kill him? These are all questions that will have you turning pages for hours looking for answers. For me this was the perfect murder mystery to get my spooky season started!

Go Ask Alice- Anonymous

Go Ask Alice is actually the real diary of a young girl who becomes an addict at a young age. Names and places have been changed of course, but the story follows her life as she begins flirting with drugs that turns into a serious addiction. What I love about this book is how authentic it is to the mind and struggles of an addict. I found great empathy for her, the more I read the more I wanted to help her, to get her help. I decided to put this on my “spooky stories” list because of certain situations that she finds herself in. And for a work of fiction, this novel is scarily close to the truth.

AsylumMadeline Roux

This story follows High School student Dan, as he spends his summer at a College Prep Camp. The college hosting the program, however, has dorm rooms in a building that used to be an Asylum. One night Dan and his friends go exploring in the basement of the Asylum, and you’ll never believe what they find. . .

Actually, you probably will. To be honest this book what pretty predictable for it’s genre, you know scary ghosts, old ass buildings, teenage love story (I mean it is a YA), but that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving it. In fact it is an entire series and while I haven’t been able to get my hands on the rest of the books, I can’t wait to find them. I love everything about the setting of “creepy, abandoned, asylum that is hiding secrets.” Plus, it’s not a super heavy read so if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time to read this would be a good one for an afternoon!

Reconstructing Amelia- Kimberly McCreight

This is another one that might be quesitonable as far as its content being “scary,” unless you mean scary real. It’s about a young girl (can you guess her name??) who goes missing and then turns up dead, and ruled a suicide, but her mother doesn’t buy it.

Her mom uses her daughter’s social media, phone, and diary, and friends to try to piece together what lead to her daughter’s death, and to find who is accountable. Another fantastic murder mystery, there are so many turns that for much of the book I couldn’t decide whether or not I believed she was murdered, or if it really was a suicide. What I love about this book is how it shows just how much our social media and computers/phones can truly reveal about how we live our lives and it makes me wonder what we leave behind when we are gone.

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