My Goals for the 2020 year

Today, I want to talk about New Years Resolutions (NYR). If you follow me on Instagram (@morganabydesign) then you know I have talked about this a few times. Maybe you even watched my IGTV about New Years Goals, if so then this is the blog post I was talking about! Welcome! I personally don’t like new years resolutions and here’s why.

Too often NYR’s are centered around absolutes. For example, “I resolve to not drink any more soda.” While that sounds nice, what happens is the first time you slip up, crave a Dr. Pepper and run to McDonalds you give up. “Well, I already broke my resolution, guess I’ll start again next year.”

This is just one example, but it’s the main reason I choose to create New Year Goals versus resolutions. More than that, it is important to set realistic and attainable goals for yourself. I know many people will choose weight-loss or fitness related goals. While the idea of going to the gym everyday sounds like a good idea, for someone who hasn’t worked out in years this isn’t very realistic. If you set that goal for yourself, you’re only going to feel more disappointed and discouraged the first time you “mess up,” and by messing up you’re going to be more likely to call it quits earlier.

Today, I want to share my personal method on how I create my goals, how I manage to stay on track all year, and what I do to stay motivated.

Yearly Goals

First thing I do is I think broadly, about my year. What are things that I want to change about my habits, be it spending habits, eating, fitness, skin care, etc. I think about where I want to be at the end of the year, the ideal “me.” Then I break my goals down into categories. This year my categories are: Physical, financial, travel, mental, and business.

I want to share my goals with you here on the blog as a form of accountability for me as well as inspiration for you all!


Learn to love my body through fitness & skin care and changing my diet.

I chose this overall physical goal because I knew it was broad enough that I could customize it to fit my own schedule and busy lifestyle, vs saying “Go to the gym three times a week.” Also, starting a skin care routine and sticking to it is something I have wanted to do for a long time, for various reasons. Here are some of my more specific goals:

  • Drink more water
  • Use nail oil more (I want to strengthen my nails)
  • Introduce fresher foods
  • Eat at home more
  • Find and keep a hair routine
  • Use a fitness routine
  • Maintain skin care routine

I chose to keep these goals broad so that I can change my goals monthly to fit what my life is going to look like/where I am on my journey. For example: I want to drink more water, but I know that while I am in Canada for work I will be drinking a lot more coffee and energy drinks, for this reason my goal for January is to have at least one glass of water/day in Canada and two/day while at home. During the month of February I will be able to reflect on how I did in January and tailor my February goal to be more specific and attainable to what that month is going to look like.

Financial Goals:

Become debt free (minus school debt) and save for a house. As well as changing my spending habits.

This is my over all financial goal for the year. I have credit card debt and my car loan that I want to have completely paid off by the end of the year. I am still in school, and taking out more student loans each year so that is why I am not yet focusing on these debts. Plus I am still hoping by the time I finish school, I will qualify for debt forgiveness! I also would like to save for a house, my goal is to be able to have a downpayment ready sometime in 2021. I want to also change my spending habits to become more aware of where my money is going.

  • Pay off car ($257.00)
  • Pay off Discover card (~$1,000.00)
  • Pay off Capitol One card (~$300.00)
  • Pay off Citi Card (~$300.00)
  • Minimize spending on coffee
  • Minimize spending on fast food/quick service
  • Buy experiences not things
  • Start savings plan for the house

Some of these goals are very specific, like paying off my debt. Which when you look at it is only about $1,857 and broken down over 12 months is $154.74 which for me personally is very attainable. I could make an entire blog post about how I break down paying off my debts etc. I know to some people, this may seem like nothing, and while it won’t be easy for me it is certainly attainable. I also am in the process of creating a savings plan for my house which I can also talk about in another blog post if you’re interested!

Travel Goals

Travel more

My over all travel goal for the year is pretty simple, and stays the same from year to year. I just want to see and experience more places and things. But I choose to change how I travel every year.

  • Spend more time outside
  • Visit the west coast
  • Visit 3 new states
  • Go to the beach
  • Go snowboarding
  • Hike and climb more
  • Make more memories

For me spending time outside can simply mean taking my dog for a walk, or walking to work while in Canada. Just getting some fresh air and not looking at my phone or a screen for 5 seconds is important to me. Two specific things I want to do is go snowboarding & see the beach. Both things I said I wanted to do last year and never did. “Make more memories” to me means learning to take more pictures. I know this seems backwards of most people’s goals to set down their phone and enjoy a place, but I always seem to have no problem doing that, but I’m disappointed when I didn’t end up with pics. Especially pictures of myself in these awesome places I visit!

Mental Goals

Feel better

Yes, you read that right. My overall goal for my mental headspace is to just feel better. I chose this because I wanted a simple goal that I could find little ways to achieve that goal everyday.

  • Read one book a month
  • Find a therapist that I’m comfortable with
  • Make therapy a priority
  • Take my medicine
  • Talk about mental health more

Again, these are more specific goals about mental health that I want to achieve this year, many that I have failed at in years past. However, the majority of all my 2020 goals are centered around creating a better mental head space for myself, as well as creating a self-loving environment that I am comfortable in.

Business goals

Create consistency and make blogging a priority, without taking the fun out.

I had a problem in 2019 with being very inconsistent with my content, as well as feeling the pressure to create content just for the sake of content. It left me feeling very burnt out, worn down, and over all not motivated to create anymore. I was putting myself in a box of what I thought my content “needed” to be, instead of what I actually wanted to talk about. This is something I do for fun! And while I want to be consistent in respect to other people, I also don’t want to continue doing it if it becomes something that I no longer enjoy.

  • Hit 500 instagram followers
  • Hit 1000 views/month on the blog
  • Create a schedule I can work with
  • Talk about things I enjoy more

I decided to make “numbers” goals for my content only because I want to reach a wider audience. I have so much fun on Instagram and the blog talking to you all. While I don’t have a lot of followers on Instagram I actually have a very high engagement rate, and have made many good friends from around the country just from Instagram! I love my little community and really want to focus on expanding it more this year! While 500 may not seem like a lot, keep in mind I am looking for not just “follows,” but followers who are following me because they like my content and want to stay engaged in my page and my blog!

Monthly Goals

After I create my yearly goals, I sit down at the beginning of every month to decide how I am going to work towards some of those goals this month. Not every goal is worked on each month. Especially with my job, and traveling so much, it can be hard to stay consistent with certain goals, which is why I choose each month what my focus is! For example, one of my fitness goals for January is to visit the gym at least 8 times. This is a flexible goal that I can choose to work on however many times in a week I feel like I will be able to depending on my schedule for that week.

To me it isn’t about the fitness, it’s simply going in the first place, and creating a headspace where I can start to see fitness & going to the gym as a priority. Which I am sort of ashamed, but not that surprised to admit, it hasn’t been a priority for a while. I am also spending this month tracking what I spend my money on very heavily and in a detailed way so that I am able to set better goals towards achieving my financial goals next month!

Weekly Goals

While this may seem like too much for some people, I personally LOVE my planner, and planning my days out to the hour. So for me, I like to take my monthly goals a step further and at the beginning of the week set tiny goals for myself, to help me achieve the bigger monthly goal!

You can follow along to my weekly goals and more planner inspiration on my instagram! @morganabydesign.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! A lot of time and hard work goes into every single post; all research, photography, editing, and writing are done completely solo. While I love what I do and want to continue creating great content for all of my readers, it doesn’t pay the bills. If you like what you see and want to see more, please consider making a donation to my blog fund linked below.


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