January Goals

So I recently posted my New Years Goals and I talked about how I create monthly goals based off of my yearly goals to help keep me on track, and make the yearly goals more attainable. Today I would like to share my January Goals with you all and then at the end of the month I will come back and update this page with how I did!

Physical Goals

The overall goal for this category in January is to begin a routine. That is why I am focusing so hard on tracking what I do. There are some goals in there that might be more of a challenge, but overall I just wanted to A) train myself to be consistent in certain areas, B) get a better idea of what sort of a routine I was already in, and C) create some accountability for myself. So when I say I am “tracking” something, I mean that I am using a habit tracker where I color in a box every time I do something that way I can see what sort of habits I already have before I try to change to create new ones that will help me achieve my goals.

  • Visit the Gym 8 times
  • Track skincare routine in daily journal
  • Average 5 days/week consistent skin care
  • Track water in the daily journal
  • Track nail oil in the daily journal
  • Keep nail oil in convenient places
  • Track food log an average of 25 days
  • Try new hair routines

Financial Goals

Similar to the Physical category, much of what I’m doing in my finances is just tracking my spending as well as learning to limit certain areas. While these aren’t my “end goal” for these areas I wanted to start small and work my way to where I think I can get and where I want to be. Also, I will be making more money for the month of January than I usually do so these are some of the goals for making use of that money.

  • Pay off HALF of my car (Whats left)
  • Change Discover payment to minimum
  • Pay $100 on Capitol One card
  • Pay $100 on Citi card
  • Limit buying coffee to 2x/ week
  • Track food expenses (specifically eating out)
  • Minimize eating out to 2x/week
  • Have a “no spend” month

Travel Goals

I figured since I was already going to be in Canada for the majority of the month I didn’t need to focus to hard on creating travel goals. But one of my yearly goals is to spend at least one day a month outside, as well as documenting my travels better!

  • Spend one day outside
  • Document everything in Canada

Content Goals

Again, this is all about learning consistent behavior and creating a system that works for me. As well as challenging myself to create content while I am outside of my usual routine.

  • Find new pages to interact and share with
  • Create a monthly schedule
  • Post 3 blog posts

Might not be the best quality photo, but these are for sure some quality people. SO blessed to get to return to Canada to train alongside them all again. Until next time!

End of month recap

Physical goals

  • Visited the gym 0 times
  • Used the habit tracked consistently up until the 11th
  • Averaged 3 days/week with skin care routine
  • Created more nail oil pens
  • Tracked food on log 0 days
  • Tried 0 new hair routines
Where I think I can improve/What I was challenged with:

Being in a different country, working 65+ hour weeks, and living out of a hotel really did a number on my goals for January. While I am proud I was able to at least keep up with the habit tracker for an entire week into my trip, I wish I could have gone a little longer. I want to try this again in February when I will have a more consistent lifestyle.

I also decided halfway through the month that tracking my food intake while I was in Canada wasn’t worth it since it wouldn’t be an accurate representation of what I normally eat, which was part of the reason I wanted to track it in the first place.

Financial Goals

  • Paid off my car completely!
  • Kept Discover payment at $85
  • Paid $35 on Capitol One
  • Paid $35 on Citi
  • Bought coffee an average of 2x/week
  • Tracked food spending while I was abroad (not at home)
  • Bought food out an average of 5x/week
  • Moved “no spend month” to February

Where I think I can improve/What I was challenged with:

So I am actually VERY happy with where my financial goals ended up! I was able to finish paying off my car, which is such a weight off my shoulders! Not having this monthly bill is going to be such a relief. About half way through the month I modified my “debt payoff plan” so this will reflect the changes. I was ONLY able to manage buying coffee so little because of the fact that everyone in the mall wanted to give us trainers free food & coffee. It was amazing and oh so sweet of them!!

I ate almost every meal at a restaurant, take out, or from Doordash while in Canada because I couldn’t make anything more than ramen from the hotel haha. I also decided to change my no spend month to February, due to the fact that, again, once I am home I will be able to better track my expenses. Overall, I am REALLY happy with this category!

Travel Goals

  • Went Skiing in Toronto!
  • See my new Travel gallery (coming soon!)

Travel goals were great! We got the chance to go skiing in Canada, which was so amazing! And I took tons of pictures and I am in the process of editing them all and when they are done they will go into my new gallery!

Content Goals

  • Met SO many new creators on Instagram with my new “reach” technique
  • Created a schedule for February
  • Made 3 Blog posts

Where I think I can improve/What I was challenged with:

Again, I am so happy with this category and I am hopeful, and excited for the coming month! And while I did technically only post 2 blog posts in the month, (See my Debt payoff & Yearly Goals posts) I worked on SO many more that are just waiting in my drafts for you guys!

Moving forward…

Overall I am pleased with how my January Goals turned out and I am excited for the new month. I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I know it might not be interesting or helpful to everyone, but it is really important to me. This helps ME create accountability with myself as well as I hope I can inspire others with my goals, and challenges! Stay tuned for my February Goals post coming out soon! See you all next month!

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