Things to do during the Quarantine

Wow that is a title I never once thought I would be writing! I originally planned on making a blog post along the lines of things to do during the winter slump, instead I decided to modify it for the crazy world we are now living in!

Whether you are in a mandatory quarantine, need to stay in due to health reasons, or you’re just doing your part to help prevent the spread of this virus, we are all SUPER bored right now. I personally am not fully quarantined since I do have to still go into work, but I’m trying my best to stay home if I’m not at work (but like what is new? haha).

So I figured we could all use some ideas on what to do while stuck inside, potentially all day every day! Some of these can be done alone, some with your S/O, family, or even kids.

While I want to keep this post lighthearted and optimistic, since I think panicking will help absolutely nothing, I do want to say on a serious note: Please be cautious with your online activity regarding the virus.

Do not spread information (especially negative) that you aren’t 100% positive is accurate. This will cause others to panic possibly for no reason. Check your sources, always, and if what you’re sharing isn’t helpful, or if you aren’t positive it is accurate and from a reputable source, it is always better to err on the side of caution and NOT share/post it.

Do NOT make light of this virus. While we currently think that it doesn’t harm the majority of people (which could always end up being wrong, very little is 100% known about this virus and where it will go/grow/adapt in the future.) It is still a very REAL threat for those who are in the high risk groups. When you say “oh it only effects high risk people” you’re essentially saying that those groups of people’s lives don’t matter as much as yours. This is a really shitty thing to say to someone, and you never know who is listening.

DO do your part to prevent the spread of this AND other virus’ and illnesses. Even if you haven’t come in contact with the virus (which you don’t really know for sure) you could always be a carrier. Just please err on the side of caution and do your part to help. This means, isolation, sanitation, and prevention. Take your immune boosters, wash your hands, sanitize your belongings that come in contact with the outside. And if you have the privilege to do so: socially isolate yourself. Stay inside and use online ordering for groceries etc if possible.

Binge Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. Your streaming platform of choice.

Right now is the best time to catch up on all those shows you have been adding to your “list” for 5 years now, but have never once actually clicked on. Go on, indulge yourself for once. Pop some popcorn. and make a movie night out of it if you wanna be so fancy.

Perfect your gaming skills.

When I was in High School my dad got really sick and was on disability, he couldn’t walk or do much at the time. This man really spent years of his life beating every single game we owned on all our consoles at the time. He found all the cheats and mods and expansions that existed and beat those too. There was nothing about those games that he did not know. It made it very annoying to play, because then no one could beat his high scores, and he spoiled all the fun out of the surprise endings/ easter eggs etc.

Looking back I think it is hilarious, and now you too can spend days on end beating levels and perfecting your techniques on any game you please. (I will personally be creating lots of wack houses on the Sims4 if anyone is interested they will be uploaded to the gallery under morganabydesign.)

Get started on your spring cleaning

Now is the perfect time to start cleaning out that house! Not only will it be best for your health to have a clean house, but also your mental health will thank you for the distraction and clarity. Here is a short list of things to do to get you started:

  • Clean your sheets/pillows/comforters etc & flip your mattress
  • Deep clean your carpets
  • Scrub every inch of your bathroom, clean behind that toilet, clean your tub out, you know it needs it.
  • Move your couches and clean under them, then take all the cushions off and clean under them.
  • Clean your oven/range
  • Clean out your fridge! Take everything out, including the shelves and clean them
  • Reorganize your kitchen utensils & cabinets.
  • Clean your dishwasher (yeah, apparently you’re supposed to do that)
  • Take everything off/out of your entertainment system and clean/dust it.
  • Clean your consoles, (Xbox, Playstation, Etc) You know that ish is dusty.
  • Take your rugs outside and beat them like an 1800’s maid. Get all that dirt out. This actually works, but might not be best for your lungs so take this one with a grain of salt.

Do some yard work

If you have a yard and the weather is nice enough where you are, this is a great way to still get outside, get some exercise and clean air! You will feel better, maybe start on that tan, and have a nice yard to boot!

Play with your pets!

Take some time and dedicate to playing with your pets today. Sing with your bird, get him out of the cage and running around. You know your cat is itching to run up the walls after that laser pointer. Your pups will love you if you spend some time playing tug-of-war today. If you have fish, maybe take some extra time cleaning out that tank for them.

Try some new recipes

Bro, Pinterest is your best friend. I know for a fact, you have hundreds if not thousands of recipe pins that you have saved over the years that you have never had the “right time” to try out. Well buddy, now is that time, don’t tell me you have something better to do than sit around and get fat on some good eats.

De-clutter your place

We should all use this time as a chance to make Marie Kondo proud. Go through your closets and get rid of everything. Let me tell you, you will feel so much better!! Pull those 12 bins out of your attic or basement that you have been telling yourself you’re “going to go through one day” and finally get rid of stuff.

This can extend electronically too! Grab that external hard drive and start freeing up some space. You really don’t need to hang on to those papers from freshman year of college.

Get crafty

Once again, I know you have an entire board of pinterest ideas that you have been wanting to try. Be a DIY queen for a day, you’ve got this! Also check out my youtube video up this Friday where I do exactly this! I look up the most recommended crafts/DIY’s on Pinterest and attempt them while stuck at home. It gets interesting.

Get (content) creative

This one goes out to all my content creators out there! If content creating is your full time job, then maybe you’re used to this and the quarantine isn’t affecting you as much. For those of us that have day jobs that we currently can’t work, then we can use this extra time to come up with cool content! Even better get those drafts filled up so you can have plenty of content ready to go for when you go back to work.

ALSO under getting creative

Pull out that happy planner, and start planning! If you have ever wanted to try the bullet journalling thing, or even just making your planner spreads a little prettier this is a great time to start. Get on Pinterest, Google, and Youtube and find some inspiration. All you need is some pens/pencils/markers and a good idea!

Learn something new

How many times have you downloaded and then deleted Duolingo?? You want to learn a new language, but don’t have the time? Well now you do! Today I spent 2 hours learning spanish on Duolingo instead of writing this blog post, was it a good use of my time? Maybe not, but can I now say phrases in Spanish that I couldn’t before? Sí, puedo!

Listen, you can learn to do just about ANYTHING on youtube, just start typing “how to___” and you’ll find something I promise.


Okay, while this might not be the best option for some, and maybe I’m being an enabler by saying this BUT Amazon shopping sounds pretty good right about now. Also, if you have been wanting to buy something, but felt like you needed to comparison shop before you commited, now is a great time to take the time to do that research!

Listen I am a compulsive shopper. I go to Target/ Five Below/ Gabe’s/ Bargin Hunt several times a week, it is a problem, I know. It is even more of a problem now that I can’t leave the house, so Amazon is my best friend. Not to mention you can order household products and food from Amazon too, so you can get all your necessary shopping done and even some you don’t need.

Lastly, work out

I decided to put this last on my list both because I thought of it last, and because it is at the very bottom of my personal list. 😂 I am not into working out at all, but I know for some people this is a big concern! Never fear though, the internet will always be there to see you through. There are plenty of youtube videos and pinterest tutorials on ways to workout in home.

While I don’t workout, I will use any excuse to post this photo that makes me look oh so ~sporty~

That’s all for today! Let me know in the comments and on Instagram how you are spending your days! Do you have cabin fever yet? Or are you still able to work? I know I have a lot of friends on here who work from home anyway so their day to day life hasn’t been influenced as much by the virus. Hope you all stay happy and healthy and survive the COVID19 quarantine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today! A lot of time and hard work goes into every single post; all research, photography, editing, and writing are done completely solo. While I love what I do and want to continue creating great content for all of my readers, it doesn’t pay the bills. If you like what you see and want to see more, please consider making a donation to my blog fund linked below.


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