9 ways to celebrate Pride from home

As we all know the Coronavirus is alive and well, and while some places are starting to open back up, the majority of the world is still being cautious which means Pride events have mostly been canceled or postponed and most of us will be celebrating pride from home. We have to get a little more creative this year than usual, so I have come up with a shortlist of ideas to get you started on celebrating the most colorful month of the year!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com


A great way to celebrate pride (and excuse to still get dressed up!) is to take your own fun photoshoot at home!

All you need is a camera (even your phone will work!) some good lighting and plenty of rainbows! I ordered these stickers as props from Amazon for about $5 for 100 stickers! You can also order your pride flag from Amazon for anywhere from $6-$25 depending on the kind and quality.

I used this NYX pallet to create this cool rainbow look for these shots. If you need some inspiration check out this Pinterest board!

Rainbow DIY’s

Get creative! Pinterest is full of fun DIY’s to get you in the spirit. Whether it is tie-dying t-shirts or making creative rainbow colored drinks you are sure to find something for you! Check out my Pinterest page here to get you started on ideas!

Date night

If you are in a relationship and you live with your S/O then arrange for a special date night. This can be whatever is special to you and makes you feel proud to be in an LGBT+ relationship. If your area allows it, you can even arrange to go out to eat, get dressed up and celebrate YOU! Here are a few date night ideas that you can put your own twist on!

  • Make a fancy dinner at home- Find a fancy recipe online and try to make it together, either just using what you have at home, or go all out getting all the ingredients prior. Then once you’ve made it, get dressed up nice and fancy and enjoy a candle lit dinner together.
  • Get outside- Parks and beaches are opening back up! So lace up your hiking boots or swim suit and throw on a rainbow colored bandana and share your pride with the world (from 6 feet away of course.)
  • Movie night in- Rent your fave movie or jump on Netflix, order some take out and spend the evening snuggling and sharing your favorite things about each other and/or about your community.


A quiet but helpful way to celebrate pride is to make donations to your favorite LGBT+ organization. Here is a small list of places you can donate to in honor of Pride month.

This is only a small fraction of places to donate. Other options are to search for local organizations that support the LGBT+ community.

Virtual Pride

As I mentioned in my last post many pride festivities have moved online! Check out my post here and use the links in the post to find some of the biggest virtual pride events going on in the country! Even though we can’t gather physically, we can still come together as a community to celebrate our history!

Binge LGBT+ movies

This is something fun you can do all month long! Enjoy seeing representation on the big screen with this list of 50 of the best gay movies of all time by Esquire.

or if you’re more of a book person then check out this list of 35 LBGT+ centered books by Good Housekeeping.

Spread awareness

Pride month is about more than just celebrating our victories thus far, it is also about highlighting the injustices that are still occurring in our country and around the world. Take some time to do a little research and share our findings with your friends on social media. Use your voice to make others heard! Share petitions and ways that others can make a difference in their community, such as voting!!

Educate yourself and others

If you’re new to the community or maybe you’re an ally reading this (hey!) try using this pride month as a chance to learn about this beautiful and diverse community! I will be making more posts later in the month that have more educational value so keep a look out for those, but also do your own research. Here are some questions you can use to learn more…

  • When was gay marriage legal in my state/country
  • Are there any existing laws or regulations discriminating against myself or the LGBT= community in my area?
  • I am familiar with LGBT but what about the other letters? What is the difference between “gay” and “queer” or “trans” and “poly”? Are these similar? What does the ‘A’ and the ‘I’ stand for??
  • How do other countries or cultures think about LGBT relationships? What do the native cultures of my country believe?
  • Where did pride even come from?
  • What does being Trans mean? What does “passing” mean? Is being trans a bad thing?

Remembrance night

The idea behind this is to take time to remember why we celebrate. You can release paper lanterns or simply light a candle and have a moment of silence. Meet with your friends (social distance or via Zoom!) and take turns remembering those that sacrificed not only their lives but their livelihoods to give us the gift of acceptance. This is something especially special to those who have personally lost someone to hatred and homophobia.

Remember this can be a very sensitive subject for some so always take the time to personally reach out to those and ensure everyone you plan to include is comfortable with the occasion.

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