About Me

Welcome to Morgana By Design! My name is Morgana and I am the founder of this travel blog, I have built the entire site from scratch through LOTS of trial and error, and the help of many YouTube videos. Every post is thoroughly researched, I put a lot of time and energy into ensuring my content is both informative and relatable, as well as interesting!

The intent of this blog is to share my travels, thoughts, and opinions I have on certain issues, as well as serve as a resource for those interested in travel! As a travel agent and a world traveler turned soon-to-be-Vanlifer I have a unique perspective of the travel world. While I do use my blog as a platform to market my travel business, I always want my posts to be genuine and helpful, not just what will make me money.

I love to talk travel, so whether you are interested in booking a trip, or just want some recommendations I hope you can find what you need here! Below are some of the things I love to do when I’m not traveling or writing for the blog!

In my off time I’m busy…

Rock Climbing.

My family has been involved in rock climbing since before I was born. It’s such a unique and fascinating sport, requiring more endurance than strength.

I grew up in Appalachia so that is where I have found most of my greatest climbs, but I have big plans on conquering the Rockies one day!

Red headed girl with braids and a white T-shirt rock climbing

Working on my van build!

Ever since I was a kid the idea of living on the road and traveling full-time was enticing to me. As I got older van life seemed like a far-away dream, until about 3 years ago when I started to seriously consider it.

Flashforward to the pandemic of 2020, I lost my job, wasn’t in school, and was searching for a new beginning. Van life just seemed like a natural next step for me.

Blonde sits on the roof of a van in front of a lake in front of a mountain in Alaska
*Not my van or my photo. Photo by EmilyKiddPhoto on Instagram

Training my 3-year-old Husky/Lab to be the outdoor adventure pup he was born to be!

I’ve had Sam since he was a pup and we go everywhere together, he will eventually accompany me in the van full-time and we are working hard to get him trained with off-leash commands and teaching him to swim!

Husky lab puppy looks up with tounge out

Let’s build something great together.