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Covid friendly halloween ideas

As we talked about on Monday Fall has arrived! Now that it is officially October, it is officially Halloween season! If you’re anything like me then you like to celebrate the holiday allllll month long. I know this has been a difficult topic this year as Trick-or-Treating, along with other traditional activities, is out of […]

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Covid friendly fall activities

Happy Fall Y’all! Sorry, it’s the southerner in me saying that, but seriously happy Fall! Here in East Tennessee the weather went from 90 to 60 like it saw a state trooper! (Sorry to my non American friends, that joke just doesn’t translate lol) The leaves are changing colors, football is back on the TV, […]

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10 socially distant activities to satisfy your travel bug

Even if you aren’t a “traveler” we are all pretty sick of this “new normal.” Today I’m going to give you at least 10 things you can do to make you feel a little more “normal” and hopefully give that same feeling you get when traveling.

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The difference between Travelers and Tourists

Do you travel to get away from life? Or to find a new one? Do you travel to see the sights? Or meet the people? Are you sticking to the beaten path? Or you do like exploring with the locals? These are just a few differences between what makes someone a “traveler” and what will […]


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